Electrical handyman services near Wimbledon, Tooting and Wandsworth.

Electrical ServicesWhether you need to make an everyday home repair or want to make a home improvement, choose the electrical professional handyman services of the Mr. Tony Handyman near Wimbledon, Tooting and Wandsworth. We take pride in helping homeowners solve problems big and small, whether it’s a leaky faucet or how to add space for a growing family.

At Mr. Tony Handyman, no electrical job is too big or too small – you always get a fair price for the work done. Our electricians show up on time, within a one hour window, unlike electrical contractors who make you stay home all day so you can be there whenever they decide to show up.

  • Installation of Light Fixtures
  • Wiring or Re-wiring Outlets
  • Installing or Replacement of Ceiling Fans
  • Install Smoke detectors
  • Installation of Bathroom Exhaust Fans
  • Wiring Dimmer Switches

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