If you just moved into a new house or you simply decided to change the bedroom’s furniture, or the furniture from living room, kitchen or even from whole house, you will certalily need furniture assembling services.

If you will not order a furniture already assembled by the producer, is a big chance to get these furnitures not assembled yet. The components will arrive to you in some boxes of different dimmensions,and if you don’t benefit of assembly services in a free package, you will need to compse yourself all pieces, in order to obtain the furniture from woon, plastic and metal components.

To assembly a coffee table or a rotating office chair is not easy, but fitting a bed or solid wood wardrobe is really difficult. You will need many people to perform this operation, and sometimes the relatives or friends are not availables, because they have no time or they cannot understand the complicated assembly diagrams or simply by lack of physical abilities. ( a closet, a king size bed or a wardrobe with a mirror are not easy to manage and fix on place).

The easiest way to solve the situation is to contact us online or by phone and we will offer you the best furniture assembling , at low prices, from London.

Furniture assembing at affordable prices

Our company is offering furniture assembling services at low cost , only for you.

It worth to invest a small amount in order to save many hours of stress and efforts to understand the assembling diagrames and also physical efforts ( you will not need anymore to manipulate heavy furniture- beds, closets or the coach, with your friends, because we will do it for you).

Our specialists in furniture assembling

Our team can offer you furniture assembling services  at convenient prices, who are including the assembing and fixing the furniture’s components in the desired spaces.Suspended furnitures from kitchen, the working table but also a rack for the lobby’s wall, will be immediately fixed into desired places and well anchored, in order to avoid any unpleasant event caused by a detachement of the furniture.

The specialists of our team of furnitures assembly will offer you useful advices regarding the place and the position for a furniture, to make your house look like in the interior design magasines, even you dont’t get the opinion of a designer.

If you need a professional flat pack assembly service in London near Wandsworth, Wimbledon, Tooting, Tony Handyman can help. We offer flat pack assembly also known as flatpack furniture and sometimes called ready to assemble furniture. No matter how many parts come in you flat pack box we are here to help saving you both time and stress.

We can professionally assemble your furniture in accordance with manufacturing guidelines exactly where you want it leaving you free to relax.

Flat pack furniture assembling



We can help you assembling the following:

Bedside table assembly

Two/three Door Wardrobe assembly

Trampoline installation

Garden Shed assembly

Kitchen furniture assembly

Bedroom furniture assembly

Living furniture assembly


Our full furniture assembling services are most available in:

Funiture assembly Wimbledon

Funiture assembly Tooting

Funiture assembly Wandsworth

Funiture assembly Claphams

Funiture assembly Croydon

Funiture assembly Putney

You have any furniture to assemble? You need to know that our services start from only 49 ₤ PER HOUR

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