We can help you fit on the wall any TV.

If you just bought a new TV with falt or curved screen,very big, probably you will need a company to offer you services of installment on the wall for the TV set, because if you settle it on a special furniture  , is a „lack of space” method.

More confortable, nowadays, is to settle the tv on the wall, like a painting or an old cinema screen type.

If you dont have tools and skils to solve by yourself this delicate operation of installment the tv set  in the living room or bedroom, then our specialists will help you with extreme attention.

Easy installment of TV on the wall

Contact us by phone or online and in the shortest time you will ebenfeit of the best TV installment that you ever imagined.

A TV set is installed on the wall using a special TV support, and our specialists are able to recommend you the best model, not only stable and strong but also having several adjustment options. A modern TV set is installed on the wall because the room is too small or you preffer to have the screen upper than eyes level, when you relax on the coach or bed, dinking a beer and watching the match of your favourite football team.

Moreover, if you choose in a smart way the TV support on the wall, you will be able to adjust using a remote control, the angle of the screen and even you can rotate horrizontally ( landscape) or vertically( portret).

Safety of TV installment on the wall

If you choose a TV support fix or mobile, and you want also some accessories like a soundbar, dvd/ bluray player or game console, is better to ask the specialists of our company, who have a large experience on TV installments and other devices, in maximum safety conditions.

We can help you on more spectacular projects, like a TV set installment on the bedroom ceiling, where extreme safety measures are mandatories, because nothing is more unpleasant than a hard TV set fallen on your bed.


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